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Toot toot!

Check out my short story, “Ancestors, Internally” at Dr. Hurley’s Snake Oil Cure.

I have been remiss in tooting my own horn lately, and perhaps that will change, perhaps it will not.  I’ve got a perogative!  (It’s called Jerome.)

I realized it’s been so long since I’ve done a thorough updating, I need to go through my pages and delete delete delete (then hide under the bed).

Let’s go home, Jerome.




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“La la la la”

Today is the official La la la la day of 2013.

Rules of La la la la day:

Pretend you are your favorite classic Sesame Street character.  Sing the song “La la la” and insert L words in the style of that character’s personality.

Bert is well known for having lumps in his oatmeal and loving linoleum.  Ernie is more whimsical, preferring lollipops.

If I were Snuffle-upagus (you can watch the original La la la video and you won’t see Snuffy, but he’s there, it’s just that he was Invisible), I’d sing “La la la la Lollygag.  La la la llama!  La la la leprechaun, lawn bowling, levity!”

Bunsen would sing, “La la la la Laboratory.  La la la liverwort, logarithms, longitude, and luminous.”

Beaker would sing, “La la la la Let’s get out of here,” except that he can’t participate because this is not the Meep Meep M song.

And if I were me (always up for debate), I’d sing “La la la la Lunatics… La la la Leg warmers!  Lickety-split, Lego’s, ludicrous and loony and loco, yes L, is such a lovely letter!”

Yes, L really is a lovely letter.  Thanks to Jim Henson, Frank Oz, and Joe Raposo for years of Muppet goodness.

L word of the day: “Looby: an awkward, clumsy fella”.



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