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It’s been all like SURPRISE! this week.  A baby pygmie hippo and an itsy bitsy 4-day-old sea lion at the zoo yesterday… it’s a good day for breeding… whether it be endangered animals, endangered words, or simply a little bit of contempt.

Three publications this month, two are more experimental, one a high farce.

“In the Corner Under Baby Jesus on the Cross” appeared early this month in Paper Darts Magazine.  Don’t you just want to make some origami out of everything in sight, including yourself?

“Do You Have any Hobbies, Mary Patrick, Mary Patrick?” appeared yesterday in Metazen.  Anyone who actually knows Mary Patrick will understand; there is no Mary Patrick; Mary Patrick is in all of us; most people suppress Mary Patrick; there is a Mary Patrick; there is no Mary Patrick; there is a Mary Patrick; run screaming when you see her.

“The Grand Search for Immortality, as Performed by the Qin” appeared today in The Bactrian Room.  High farce and a little devilry, with eunuchs, a 1000-woman harem, and the ancient Chinese.  This is my first historical piece, and I actually did strive for historical accuracy.  The first emperor, forced suicide, the elixir of immortality (made out of mercury, of course), and the revenge of the gods for killing a dolphin with a crossbow…  You really can’t make this stuff up.



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