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When you’re obsessed with your progeny, you do amazing things.  Woman lifts car off toddler!

When you’re obsessed with your progeny, you do stupid things.  Mother Twitters hateful messages to child’s classmates!

But having children is the Number One symbol that you have succeeded in being a human being.  (Though there is no test, an often there is much alcohol and memory loss involved in the process.)  And attacking a child who pushes your kid down on the playground and gouging out said child’s eyes?  That’s seen as cute, forgivable, a little overprotective–but wouldn’t every good parent do that?

I get asked to engage in the production of (illegitimate) children All The Time–and not by men soliciting sex, but by family members who are desperate to prove that I’m a “Good Kid”.

Desperation drives you to do silly things.  Check out “A Deterrent” published by Hobo Pancakes, available here: http://www.hobopancakes.com/tag/dawn-wilson/



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