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At last!  After beginning to believe that I was truly turning over to the dark side, being the only one pointed out as cruel and outrageous, along with being an ignorant specimen of a “foreign land”, I have finally been relieved of my suffering.  The woman who is named after my tree, the Old Woman in Go-Go Boots, hereafter known as GG, has freaked on her entire class.  Ha ha!  ‘Tis not just me.  No secret e-mails to one person singling them out.  No silent simmering.  She blew up, stormed out, and then e-mailed everyone to say that she would no longer be accepting comments on her writing.  Swoon. 

Next weekend is the literary festival in Wales.  Can’t wait.  Hay-on-Wye, which Meg the Nurse told me about, is a town made up of 30 bookshops, one in a castle.  The entire town is basically a bookshop.  Swoon.

Pear cider is light and fluffy.



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